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Melodie de Jager
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Some would call her approach to facilitating somewhat unusual, definitely out of the box, but nobody can with honesty say that Melodie de Jager is boring. It is exactly this novel and fun approach that makes her one of the top facilitators; one who has the important ability to present complex issues to a diverse audience in an easily accessible way.

In 2005 Melodie founded the BabyGym® Institute www.babygym.co.za and in 2007 the Mind Moves® Institute www.mindmoves.co.za . She is actively involved in both Institutes promoting the importance of physical development to optimise brain and whole child/person development. In 2012 she founded the Senior Mind Moves® Institute (www.seniormindmoves.co.za) which provides support for people who want to improve their quality of life and live with dignity and grace in spite of the physical challenges brought about by old age.

Apart from being a keynote speaker for many schools, governmental departments and corporates, Melodie is also a published author of the following books:

  • Mind Dynamics,
  • BabyGym,
  • Mind Moves - Removing Barriers to Learning,
  • Mind Moves - Moves that Mend the Mind,
  • Senior Mind Moves - The Twinkle in my Wrinkle,
  • Brain Development Milestones & Learning, and
  • What does Controlled Movement have to do with Learning?

In 2005 she was nominated by the American Biographical Institute for one of the “Greatest Women of the 21st Century”. 

In 2007 her BabyGym programme won the DSA: Visions of the Future award

In 2011 she was nominated for the Shoprite Checkers Women of the Year award in the Educators category. Her true passion is the empowerment of disadvantaged communities through quality education. 

She is deeply interested in spiritual matters and a committed mother to her 3 children Ruan, Waldo and Cozette.


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