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Pieter Pieterse
Biographical info

Pieter Pieterse was born in Pietersburg (now Polokwane) on June 9, 1936. He matriculated at Pietersburg High School in 1954 and his first short stories were published in 1956. After school he worked as policeman, insurance representative and later as marketing manager for Sanlam. His first book, Smokkelaars van die nag, was published in 1963.

In 1974 he decided to write full-time and since the late 70s he did a fair amount of travelling around.

Pieterse’s work encompasses various genres including youth fiction, adult fiction, short stories, humorous columns, TV scripts, film scripts, and radio serials. His work was translated into French among other and he received numerous awards. He also hosted three TV programmes. In 2002 he was murdered at his home in Marloth Park.

His unfinished novel, Manaka: Plek van die horings, was published in 2005. It was his thirty-second book.

Did you know?

  • In 1997 he was unofficially the first writer to have sold more than a million books in Afrikaans.
  • He was also a well-known TV personality and the presenter of among others Swerwerskos and Van die Kaap tot die Kunene. He was nominated for an Artes award in 1992 and 1993 for Swerwerskos and Boude en blaaie respectively.
  • His mother was the author Emily Pieterse. She died in 2004 shortly before completing her 50th book.
  • He wrote the scripts for many TV series such as Rieksie Rautenbach, baasspeurder, Bosveldhotel and Suidpunthotel.
  • He lived and worked in his caravan, Die Spookhuis, for long periods of time. He lived in many places including the West Coast, the Skeleton Coast, the Caprivi, Mozambique and the Lowveld.

Author bookshelf

Hande klap vir Afrika, Human & Rousseau (2007)
Manaka: Plek van die horings, Human & Rousseau (2005)
Dag van die reuse, Best Books (2005)
Day of the Giants, Best Books (2005)
Roar of the lion, Best Books (2005)
Shadow of the Eagle, Best Books (2005)
Silwer, jakkals van die Namib, Best Books (2005)
Track of the Dark Dog, Best Books (2005)
Skater, Human & Rousseau (1999)


Tafelberg Award for youth novels (1981) – Stormsee oor Skoonbergbaai
First prize in HAUM’s youth novel competition (1984) – Geheim van die reënwoud
Golden award in Sanlam and Tafelberg’s youth novel competition (1988) – Die pad na die see
Second prize in ATKV Prose Prize (1992) – Silwer, jakkals van die Namib
Namibian Children’s Forum Award (1994) – Silwer, jakkals van die Namib

List of titles

1965 Wraak van die dagbreek
1966 Tussen twee vure
1966 Berg van geheime
1969 Onrus op Bergville
1985 Tietiesbaaikos, Kagiso
1987 Baai Baai Tietiesbaai, Kagiso
1988 Skedelkuskos, Kagiso
1989 Boude en blaaie, Unibook-uitgewery
1989 Spookhuiskos, HAUM-Literêr
1989 Winterwerf in die Kavango, Tafelberg
1990 Dasseneiland, Kagiso
1991 Swerwerskos – hier's die resepte, Kagiso
1992 Boskos uit Boude en blaaie
1994 Bosberaad, Human & Rousseau
1995 Mosambiek, Human & Rousseau
1996 Hande klap vir Afrika, Human & Rousseau
1999 Skater, Human & Rousseau
2005 Manaka. Plek van die horings, Human & Rousseau

Youth novels
1963 Smokkelaars in die nag, Nasionale Boekhandel
1964 Slagters van die Limpopo
1973 Anderkant die Groot Rivier, Tafelberg
1974 Nag van die tarentale, Tafelberg
1979 Ou Kanniedood kom huis toe, Tafelberg
1981 Stormsee oor Skoonbergbaai, Tafelberg
1982 Roep van die visarend
1983 Die lang pad, Tafelberg
1984 Geheim van die reënwoud, Kagiso
1985 Dag van die reuse, Kagiso
1988 Die pad na die see, Tafelberg
1989 Elkeen se paleis, Tafelberg
1992 Die vergete vallei, HAUM/Kagiso
1993 Silwer, jakkals van die Namib, Human & Rousseau
1997 Om ’n kierie te keer, Human & Rousseau


Smokkelaars in die nag (1963)
English (Smugglers’ Trail, 1987)

Slagters van die Limpopo (1964)
English (Trail of a Villain, 1987)

Stormsee oor Skoonbergbaai (1981)
English (Stormy Seas at Clearwater Bay, 1985)

Die geheim van die reënwoud (1984)
English (The Misty Mountain, 1985)

Die dag van die reuse (1985)
English (The Day of the Giants, 1986), French (Le jour des Géants, 1991)

Die pad na die see (1988)
English (The Way to the Sea, 1991)

Die vergete vallei (1992)
English (The Forgotten Valley, 1994)

Silwer, jakkals van die Namib (1993)
English (Silver, Jackal of the Namib)

Om ’n kierie te keer (1997)
English (The Price of a Chicken)

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