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Frieda le Roux
Biographical info

Frieda le Roux studied architecture at the University of the Free State and holds a Masters degree in Journalism from the University of Stellenbosch as well as a Masters degree in Future Studies from the University of Stellenbosch Business School.
Frieda has worked in the media since 2002, gaining experience at newspapers and magazines, working on the editorial as well as the promotions side of the fence. She was the copy editor and a contributor for Building Construction Standards for South Africa (Architective Publishing) and researched and wrote Hands of Hope, a book of case studies of community response to HIV/AIDS in SA from faith-based, business and NGO initiatives.

She has contributed more than 50 articles to The Phaedon Atlas of World Architecture (2004, Phaedon Press, London). More House for less money and Huise wat jou sak pas is her first book.