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Author Focus

Paddy Bouma
Biographical info

Paddy Bouma was born in Cape Town on April 18, 1947. She studied at the University of Cape Town’s Michaelis School of Art, obtaining a BA in Fine Arts. In 1968 she received a bursary from the French government and studied Lithography at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts at the University of Paris. Back in South Africa she lectured part-time in Lithography and Illustration at the University of Stellenbosch’s art department from 1971 to 2006.

Paddy did the illustrations in Sindiwe Magona’s book, The best meal, ever! (Tafelberg, 2006), which made the International Youth Library in München’s list of best international picture books (commonly known as White Ravens) for 2007. Paddy’s lithographies and illustrations were shown at various solo and group exhibitions. In 2008 The Mouseboat and Die Muisboot were published by Tafelberg.

Did you know?

  • Her illustrations for Are We Nearly There by Louis Baum (1986) were shortlisted for the Kate Greenaway Medal.
  • Paddy is especially renowned as an author and illustrator of children’s books, but since 1997 she has also started writing alternative comics with autobiographical and/or socio-political content. Some of her work has been published in the comic magazines Bitterkomix, Stripshow and Bitterjusi.

Author bookshelf

Die Muisboot, Tafelberg (2008)
The Mouseboat, Tafelberg (2008)

Illustrator (with Sindiwe Magona)
Die heel, héél lekkerste kos!, Tafelberg (2006)
Esona-sona sidlo! – isiXhosa, Tafelberg (2006)
The Best Meal Ever, Tafelberg (2006)

List of titles

Children’s books: author and illustrator
1984 Nikolaas en die Bere, Qualitas
1984 A Knock on the Door, Qualitas
1987 Bertie at the Dentist, Bodley Head
1987 Bertie visits Granny, Bodley Head
1988 Bertie and the Hamsters, Bodley Head
1988 Bertie in the Bag, Bodley Head
1991 Gideon's Game, Methuen
2008 The Mouseboat, Tafelberg
2008 Die Muisboot, Tafelberg

1969 Hector Berlioz by Anna S. du Raan, CF Albertyn
1984 Op die vensterbank in April by Hester Heese, Qualitas
1986 Are We Nearly There by Louis Baum, Bodley Head
1993 One Dark, Dark Night by Lesley Beake, Little Library
1995 Valentine by Carol Carrick, Clarion Books
1999 Upside Down Cake by Carol Carrick, Clarion Books
2003 Friends for Life by Noreen Ramsden, Heinemann
2004 Simon’s Story by Glynis Clacherty, Heinemann
2004 Tido’s Bag by Bridget Krone, Heinemann
2006 The Best Meal Ever/Die Heel, Heel Lekkerste Kos/Ikumkanikazi Ye-imbira by Sindiwe Magona, Tafelberg

1999-2003 Bitterkomix 9, 10, 11, 12 by Anton Kannemeyer and Conrad Botes
2004 Bitterjusi 21 (ed. Anton Kannemeyer), Orange Juice Design
2003-2004 Stripshow 1& 2, (ed. Leonora van Staden and Nicolene Louw)


Bertie visits Granny (1987)

  • Afrikaans (Bertie gaan kuier by ouma, translated by Rona Rupert)

Bertie and the Hamsters (1988)

  • Afrikaans (Bertie en die hamsters, translated by Rona Rupert)

Bertie in the Bag (1988)

  • Afrikaans (Bertie in die sportsak, translated by Rona Rupert)

The Mouseboat (2008)

  • Afrikaans (Die Muisboot, 2008)


“This is a delightful quietly adventurous adventure. Plenty of visual exploration for young picture browsers. Plenty of visual exploration for young picture browsers. […] And young readers have picked up quite a bit of incidental knowledge about locks, boats and semaphore.” – www.bookchat.co.za on The Mouseboat

“This is cute! If you have a younger brother or sister then this children’s book is great for you to read to them. The pictures are beautiful and you get to learn some boating terminology too – making you look really smart. The story revolves around the Mouse Family who stay on their Grandpa Grumsci’s houseboat and the experience they have that summer holiday.” – www.lovelife.org.za/ on The Mouseboat

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