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Hilton Little
Biographical info

Hilton Little’s career spans 30 years, 11 which have been spent at the presidential household. He began his training at the Southern Sun Hotel group, completing it in two years instead of three – and ran the main à la carte restaurant shortly afterwards. Quite a challenge for a young chef, but he pulled it off with aplomb – and his star has been rising ever since. Hilton joined the presidential household in 1996, first working for Nelson Mandela and then the current South African president, Thabo Mbeki.

Hilton has won numerous awards including Salon Culinaire, Bocuse d’Or and Chef of the Year – and has made several guest appearances on leading television food shows. He also represents South Africa at the exclusive Club de Chefs des Chefs (Club of Leaders’ Chefs), an elite club consisting of personal cooks to kings, princes and presidents. The club, which has about 32 members from around the world, is governed by strict rules, admitting only chefs working for members of a royal family or head of state.