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Sello Mahapeletsa
Biographical info

Sello Mahapeletsa was born in 1974 at Eisleben Village, just outside Polokwane, Limpopo. Looking back, he still remembers how he used to run home after school just to listen to a radio drama on the then Radio Lebowa. At high school, his friends called him a magician for his ability to know the end of a play after hearing only the first few episodes.

After completing school, he trained as a teacher at Sekgosese College of Education, where he was involved in writing, editing and directing plays. After completing his teacher’s diploma in 1996, he taught in the classroom and continued to write plays and poems until Danielle Steel’s Perfect Stranger inspired him to write for publication. Mahapeletsa enrolled for a creative writing course with Intec College and went on to publish his first book, When Lions Smile, in 2003. The following year, he returned to teaching and today is permanently employed at Sephala Primary School, where he teaches drama.