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Ernest Loth
Biographical info

Ernest Loth is an Afrikaans educator at a school in Paarl. Born in Paarl, he made his debut in 1991 with  Eendag is daar ('n sprokie vir grootmense) which appeared in an anthology of short plays, Alles op die spel, compiled by George Weideman and Abe van Niekerk. The drama was published in various prescribed books for schools such as Bladsak vir seniors and Piekfyn Afrikaans Gr 10 (Best Books).

He then wrote a series of original dramas:

Donker land
Die Gas
Fase twee
'n Portret van 'n Suid-Afrikaanse gesin
A Twist in Hamlet's Tale
The Rope
King Lear, die post mortem
Maids, masters en merrims
Vandag is daar ('n stryd met wolwe)
Gister was daar
Pad na vergifnis
He also authored articles for various newpapers and magazines, radio dramas for local radio broadcasters, and appears as guest speaker at functions. He also writes poetry and short stories.