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Ena Murray Omnibus 23 (ePDF) | Romance & Sagas

Ena Murray


In Die ryper jare well-known mannequin Amanda fails to understand her mother’s sudden strange behaviour. Equally perturbing is the behaviour of her boss, the man she loves.

In En die verlange bly Wouda marries a man who promises to bring her happiness, even love, but everything changes on their wedding night . . .

And in Die man met die geel oë a secret agent, Major Brand Bröm, is ordered by his new employers to paint the town red and misbehave on purpose . . . in order for him to receive a dishonourable discharge from the army.

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Ena Murray Omnibus 23 (ePDF) | Romance & Sagas

Author: Ena Murray
Category: Romance & Sagas
ISBN: 9780624049784
Date Released: 01 April 2011
Price (incl. VAT): R 235.00
Format: E-book ePDF, 512 pp

About this author

Ena Murray

Ena Murray was born in the small Karoo town of Loxton, as the second of three daughters. Her father was the local medical practitioner. It was here that her...