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Roep van die woestynwind (ePDF) | Romance & Sagas

Malene Breytenbach


The relationship between Dr Denise Barry, lecturer in Ancient Near Eastern Studies and archaeologist Dale Peters has always been turbulent. When Dale left for the Middle East he unceremoniously broke up with Denise.

But when Denise gets the chance to visit Jordan and the ancient city of Petra, Dale sounds eager to see her again.

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Roep van die woestynwind (ePDF) | Romance & Sagas

Author: Malene Breytenbach
Category: Romance & Sagas
ISBN: 9780624050032
Date Released: 01 April 2011
Price (incl. VAT): R 99.95
Format: E-book ePDF, 224 pp

About this author

Malene Breytenbach

The versatile Dr Malene Breytenbach has a number of romances to her credit. Author bookshelf NB-UITGEWERS: 2007 Hoe kwesbaar die hart 2008 Hertog van die...