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Stiletto - in die onderwêreld van die seksindustrie (E-boek - ePDF) | Biography

Karin Eloff , Carl F. Cronjé


Karin Eloff is what you'd call a good Afrikaans girl, with an honours degree in psychology and a conservative religious background.

Stiletto is the true story of a chaste and model schoolgirl's path to becoming Zoë – initially as a stripper, then as a dancer and masseuse in an escort agency and later as editor of a pornographic magazine.

Her path has been littered with middle-aged men, Afrikaans girls with exotic English stage names, risky as well as downright dangerous sexual behaviour, and drugs. Stiletto is about how she got there, what she learned from the experience, and how she survived it. It raises pertinent issues in our society – about men, about women, about sex, about love, and about who the real givers and takers are.

Stiletto pulls no punches in revealing the shadowy existence of the sex worker.

Also available in English: Stiletto: In the Underworld of the South African Sex Industry

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Stiletto - in die onderwêreld van die seksindustrie (E-boek - ePDF) | Biography

Author: Karin Eloff , Carl F. Cronjé
Category: Biography
ISBN: 9781920323660
Date Released: 01 April 2011
Price (incl. VAT): R 260.00
Format: E-book - ePDF, 168pp

About this author

Karin Eloff , Carl F. Cronjé

Karin Eloff has worked in the adult entertainment industry. Her book, Stiletto, sold like hot cakes. She currently works as a journalist on the weekly...