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Op die agterpaaie (eBoek) | General Fiction

Dana Snyman

Human & Rousseau

"Dana Snyman will take you places you've never been."    David Kramer
Dana Snyman is a publishing phenomenon in Afrikaans. The impact of his travel writing comes from the authentic voice he gives to both odd and ordinary people, from the karretjiesmense in the Karoo to drifters and road workers and ooms who sit in bars smoking Lexington.With this book, his quaint, often hilarious, yet deeply human tales are available for the first time to an English audience. 
Join Dana as he talks to oom Annaries van Wyk in Karasburg about flying a Boeing (or a Going, as oom Annaries calls it); as he takes the 75-year-old rustbucket the Liemba across Lake Tanganjika; and as he searches for Idi Amin’s house in Uganda.

In the end, Dana travels home, in his Valiant, pondering the lessons of the road.

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Op die agterpaaie (eBoek) | General Fiction

Author: Dana Snyman
Category: General Fiction
ISBN: 9780624051619
Date Released: 01 September 2011
Price (incl. VAT): R 270.00
Format: eBook ePub

About this author

Dana Snyman

Dana Snyman was born in Stellenbosch in 1963. He matriculated at Nylstroom High School in 1980. After finishing high school, Dana worked as a security guard...