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Bloedfamilie | Short Stories & Fiction Anthologies

M.S. Burger

Human & Rousseau

Jan Rabie Rapport Prize for the best debut or early work 2013

In this debut short story collection, the unity created by the underlying connections between individual stories is used as a strengthening technique.

It forms a thematic unity, but also a recurring similarity of situation and characters, for example, two sisters of whom one is prettier and more likeable, a family’s clichéd expressions and mannerisms, a problematic relationship with the mother, divorced and remarried parents, the mother’s dogs, lesbian relationships, and the inability to fit into the conventional family setup.

A reader described the stories as stylistically and technically brilliant, with powerful and sparkling dialogue and image rich milieu creation.

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Bloedfamilie | Short Stories & Fiction Anthologies

Author: M.S. Burger
Category: Short Stories & Fiction Anthologies
ISBN: 9780798157391
Date Released: 10 July 2012
Price (incl. VAT): R 210.00
Format: Soft cover, 160pp

About this author

M.S. Burger

M.S. Burger lives in Pretoria. She works in a bookshop and in her  garden. She was an activist for gay and lesbian rights in the nineties. She has a Masters...