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Haai Karoo | Short Stories & Fiction Anthologies

Etienne van Heerden


A collection of Etienne van Heerden’s Karoo stories, featuring some of his best work (such as the tour de force “Die gas in Rondawel Wilhelmina”)..

These are evocative stories that highlight Van Heerden’s ability to create unforgettable, vivid characters and situations, all set against the backdrop of a part of the country that he knows intimately.

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Haai Karoo | Short Stories & Fiction Anthologies

Author: Etienne van Heerden
Category: Short Stories & Fiction Anthologies
ISBN: 9780624056157
Date Released: 20 August 2012
Price (incl. VAT): R 260.00
Format: Soft cover, 160pp

About this author

Etienne van Heerden

Etienne Roché van Heerden was born in Johannesburg on December 3, 1954. He grew up in the Eastern Cape and Stellenbosch, where he matriculated at Paul Roos...