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Kos as dit knyp: Goedkoop, gesond en gou | Food & Drink

Emilia le Roux

Human & Rousseau

Emilia le Roux’s inspiration to cook disappears around five o’clock in the afternoon on any given day. She also struggles to stick to the grocery budget while providing healthy meals for her family every day.

So she wrote a book for people like her. In Kos as dit knyp you get:
tips on quickly preparing cheap, healthy food
advice on planning how to stock the kitchen cupboard
plans to make it easier to decide what food to make
interesting, simple recipes that are easy to prepare
indications with each recipe for preparation time, the cost of the ingredients, and how the food will affect your waistline.

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Kos as dit knyp: Goedkoop, gesond en gou | Food & Drink

Author: Emilia le Roux
Category: Food & Drink
ISBN: 9780798157056
Date Released: 15 January 2013
Price (incl. VAT): R 245.00
Format: Soft cover, 128pp

About this author

Emilia le Roux

Emilia le Roux grew up on the farm Doornkraal outside De Rust. The farm, she explains, is more than just a farm – it's a way of life. She continued her family's...