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Groot Studiebybel | Bibles

Bybelgenootskap van SA , Zondervan Uitgewers , Gordon-Conwell Teologiese Kweekskool

Lux Verbi


With its over 8,000 bottom-of-the-page study notes and nearly 500 full-colour photographs, the Groot Studiebybel not only gives you the complete text of the Bible but takes you into its very world, opening your eyes to the historical, cultural, and archaeological meaning, relevance, and depth of the Scriptures. Page by page, the features of this unique study Bible offer astonishing and unprecedented clarity. 
Lush Colour Photographs highlight millennia-old text and artifacts, ancient weapons of war, ancient children’s toys, archaeological sites in the region, other memorabilia of ancient near eastern cultures and civilizations, and a host of other amazing historical, cultural, and archaeological details.

Wath an interview with Dr Andries Cilliers
Over 500 in-depth articles shed light on five fascinating categories: Archaeological Sites; Cultural and Historical Notes; Ancient Peoples, Lands, and Rulers; The Reliability of the Bible; and Ancient Texts and Artifacts.
Over 8,000 concise, bottom-of-the-page study notes offer insights into the text as you read it from the standpoint of its relationship to the times, places, and circumstances in which it was written.
The 1983 Afrikaans Bible translation is still the most trusted translation, giving you an accuracy and ease of understanding you can count on from Genesis to Revelation.
Add to the above a beautiful, full-colour interior throughout plus detailed book introductions, feature indexes, maps, and a concordance, and the Groot Studiebybel becomes an incredible resource for helping you experience the Bible, afresh as God’s enduring Word, communicating living truths down the centuries of you today.

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Groot Studiebybel | Bibles

Author: Bybelgenootskap van SA , Zondervan Uitgewers , Gordon-Conwell Teologiese Kweekskool
Category: Bibles
ISBN: 9780796306265
Date Released: 01 October 2013
Price (incl. VAT): R 475.00
Format: Leatherbound, 2258pp

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