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Piekniek by Hangklip (ePub) | Crime & Thriller

Kerneels Breytenbach

Human & Rousseau

Shortlisted for UJ Prize for Creative Writing in Afrikaans 2011

When he attempts to hijack Sonja Griessel’s 4x4, Joshua Gumbo accidentally kills her parents – and changes the course of both their lives forever. During the failed hijacking Sonja’s lips briefly brushed his and Joshua is convinced this robbed him of his mojo. Sonja flees Gauteng and settles in Pringle Bay.
Joshua, hot on her trail, leaves bloodshed in his wake. Their paths will cross one final time, during a roof wetting ceremony, a picnic of sorts, in Hangklip.

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Piekniek by Hangklip (ePub) | Crime & Thriller

Author: Kerneels Breytenbach
Category: Crime & Thriller
ISBN: 9780798158886
Date Released: 12 September 2011
Price (incl. VAT): R 345.00
Format: ePub, 480pp

About this author

Kerneels Breytenbach

Cornelius (Kerneels) Tobias Breytenbach was born on 13 April 1952 in Johannesburg. He matriculated from Alberton High School. In 1975 he completed his...