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Trompie 18: Trompie die waaghals (ePub) | Children's Fiction

Topsy Smith

Human & Rousseau

Trompie and his mate Rooie get away with a warning when they race each other down the rails of a staircase at school. They tempt fate even more by fiddling with the intercom system and playing a prank on the learners in their class. However, this boomerangs on them in a most unexpected way!

Trompie borrows a water pistol to shoot the children in his class. When the pistol disappears he has to find out who swiped it. The freckle-faced boy gets a brilliant idea to catch the guilty parties with the help of his faithful dog.

The Boksom gang doesn’t feel like spending the short holidays in their hometown. They would love to go away to the sea or a farm but the chances of this happening are slim. Or are they? Our hero once again shows his mettle when he surpasses himself with two brave deeds. He saves a helpless little girl and catches a dangerous gang of smugglers.

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Trompie 18: Trompie die waaghals (ePub) | Children's Fiction

Author: Topsy Smith
Category: Children's Fiction
ISBN: 9780798154130
Date Released: 01 April 2008
Price (incl. VAT): R 130.00
Format: ePub, 120pp

About this author

Topsy Smith

Topsy Smith’s character Trompie was a role model for the young people of his time. Smith is one of the most popular and successful youth authors in Afrikaans....