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Slimbegin: 'n Taal- en wiskundewerkboek (Vlak 1 ) | Pre-School & Early Learning

Anita Potgieter

Human & Rousseau

This educational activity book is designed to help children sharpen their math and language skills, while it challenges them to be bright and creative! The fun math exercises meet the standards for the Grade 1 to 3 curriculum, while the language portion promotes language, reading and audio skills. The exercises will encourage young learners to practice the skills they acquire in their first school year in a new and fun way. 

Simple and clear instructions make the activities easy to complete, while a little star indicates to the learner where to complete their answer. In the back of the book the answers are clearly indicated and explained. 
Give you child a head start!

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Slimbegin: 'n Taal- en wiskundewerkboek (Vlak 1 ) | Pre-School & Early Learning

Author: Anita Potgieter
Category: Pre-School & Early Learning
ISBN: 9780798158299
Date Released: 20 June 2013
Price (incl. VAT): R 110.00
Format: Soft cover, 64pp

About this author

Anita Potgieter

Anita Potgieter is a former teacher who has for many years been giving remedial classes to students who experience problems with math or reading. She also helps...