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Thirteen Cents | General Fiction

K. Sello Duiker


Thirteen Cents is an extraordinary and unsparing account of a coming of age in Cape Town.
Reminiscent of some of the greatest child narrators in literature, Azure's voice will stay with the reader long after this short novel is finished. Based on personal experiences.

K. Sello Duiker was, before his death in 2005, widely regarded as South Africa’s most promising young writer. Thirteen Cents, originally published in 2000, was his first novel and won the Commonwealth Writers Prize Best First Book Award (Africa Region) and has gone on to become a modern South African classic. This is a new edition of a Duiker’s explosive debut. 

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Thirteen Cents | General Fiction

Author: K. Sello Duiker
Category: General Fiction
ISBN: 9780795704925
Date Released: 20 July 2013
Price (incl. VAT): R 230.00
Format: Soft cover, 192pp

About this author

K. Sello Duiker

K. Sello Duiker was born in 1974 and grew up in Soweto and, later, East London. Sello studied at Rhodes University where, with a few friends, he started a...