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Die kwart-voor-sewe-lelie (Luisterboek) | Children's Fiction

Eleanor Baker

Human & Rousseau

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Die kwart-voor-sewe-lelie
is a very readable novel written with a light, satirical touch. It is a humorous story about the trials and tribulations of a city family consisting of an absent-minded mother, a good-natured father, Iris and her two sisters, a domestic worker with very specific ideas, and an other-worldly angel with a rather worldly sense of humour.


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Die kwart-voor-sewe-lelie (Luisterboek) | Children's Fiction

Author: Eleanor Baker
Category: Children's Fiction
ISBN: 9780798163569
Date Released: 01 April 2013
Price (incl. VAT): R 0.00
Format: Audiobook

About this author

Eleanor Baker

Eleanor Elizabeth Baker was born on August 21 1944 and matriculated at F.H. Odendaal High in Pretoria. She obtained a masters degree in Afrikaans from the...