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7de Laan vier fees | Food & Drink

Danie Odendaal Productions/Produksies

Human & Rousseau

This proudly South African success story has been a hit with viewers across race and language lines since its debut 12 years ago. The audience is passionate and loyal, resulting in viewership figures of about 1.2 million every weekday at 18.30.

The first 7de Laan cookbook was a major success three years ago. The book – in Afrikaans and English – was part of many Christmas and end-of-year promotions of major retailers. Trade and buyers of the previous book have been clamouring for a follow-up, and here it is -- available on 25 October, just in time to help us all make budget this year!

This time the book recreates festivities from the series and collects recipes from actual 7de Laan parties, all in one book. We know that the good people of the Laan love their parties, and do not need much of an excuse to throw one. The book offers recipes from the recent safari dinner; Errol’s 21st birthday party; everyone’s favourite recipes from the church bazaar; and recipes for getting together in front of the television for that important rugby match.

You can use the recipes to recreate the whole party, or pick and choose recipes for inspiration for a weekday dinner – a cookbook for all fans of the Laan!

Also available in English: 7de Laan Celebrates

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7de Laan vier fees | Food & Drink

Author: Danie Odendaal Productions/Produksies
Category: Food & Drink
ISBN: 9780798158138
Date Released: 25 October 2013
Price (incl. VAT): R 345.00
Format: Soft cover, 192pp

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