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ALL-IN-ONE GRADE 1 FAL TG (CAPS) | Pre-School & Early Learning

Best Books Panel

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ALL-IN-ONE GR 1 First Additonal Language TG (CAPS)The Teacher's guide for each subject comprises of
• a year plan for the subjects
• the four term plans for the subject
• a daily timetable and a time schedule for a week
• the weekly work schedules
• daily step-by-step lessons plans for 40 weeks
• hints and essential background information for each theme.
The CD comprises of
• free resources for the teacher
• free precribed worksheets
• a theme-oriented story for each day
• assessment guidelines and assessment forms

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ALL-IN-ONE GRADE 1 FAL TG (CAPS) | Pre-School & Early Learning

Author: Best Books Panel
Category: Pre-School & Early Learning
ISBN: 9781775890676
Date Released: 23 December 2013
Price (incl. VAT): R 303.00
Format: Soft cover, 165 pp

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Best Books Panel

Best Books is the educational division of NB Publishers and was established in 1996. The imprint specialises in, and is renowned for the development of...