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Die dag toe Louis deur ’n Grop gegryp is | Picture Books

John Fardell

Human & Rousseau

When Louis gets eaten up by a Grop, his big sister Louisa knows she has to act fast, and sets off in hot pursuit. But rescuing a boy from a Grop’s tummy isn't so simple – especially when other strange and scary creatures are looking for their dinner too . . .

Another funny, wild and inventive adventure from John Fardell winner of the Royal Mail Children's Book Award and the Scottish Children's Book Award.
"Delicious. I love this book so much I want to eat it up." (New York Times, Notable Children's Books 2012)
"Fantastic monster names and a plucky heroine make this a real winner of a tale!" (Tbk Magazine, Book of the Month)
"Inventive and useful at different levels. Great to read at story times with noises, or one-to-one, scrutinising the illustrations." (Peters Bookselling Services)

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Die dag toe Louis deur ’n Grop gegryp is | Picture Books

Author: John Fardell
Category: Picture Books
ISBN: 9780798166898
Date Released: 15 July 2014
Price (incl. VAT): R 130.00
Format: Soft cover, 32pp

About this author

John Fardell

John Fardell is a British cartoonist, author and illustrator. To date, he's produced three children's adventure novels and three children's picture books,...