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Sale kahle, District Six | Biography: Historical, Political & Military

Nomvuyo Ngcelwane


Nomvuyo Ngcelwane grew up in Cross Street, in the heart of the legendary District Six. In this absorbing autobiography, she describes African family life in Cross Street with great warmth, humour and heart. She documents, probably for the first time, the lives of the African families in the District in the period preceding the sixties.

Of particular interest are the sections dealing with sport, entertainment and religion. The reader is invited into a world where traditional practices happily co-exist with Christian belief, and where a tight-knit community creates its own support structures and tries to maintain its values.

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Sale kahle, District Six | Biography: Historical, Political & Military

Author: Nomvuyo Ngcelwane
Category: Biography: Historical, Political & Military
ISBN: 9780795700811
Date Released: 01 September 1998
Price (incl. VAT): R 167.50
Format: Soft Cover

About this author

Nomvuyo Ngcelwane

Nomvuyo Ngcelwane was born in District Six and lived there for twenty years until forced removals in 1963. Born into a family of teachers, and being a teacher...