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Mariana's Country Kitchen | Food & Drink

Mariana Esterhuizen

Human & Rousseau

Mariana serves food fresh from her own extensive vegetable, fruit and herb garden, prepared in her own unique way. Her delightful book includes recipes for the restaurant’s top dishes, along with vegetable dishes, classic dishes, and Mariana’s favourite childhood foods. Divided seasonally into four sections, this is the ultimate cookery book for those who love fresh, honest, delicious in-season eating.

2015 Best Newcomer at the Sunday Times Cookbook Awards - Bookslive

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Mariana's Country Kitchen | Food & Drink

Author: Mariana Esterhuizen
Category: Food & Drink
ISBN: 9780798169912
Date Released: 21 October 2015
Price (incl. VAT): R 400.00
Format: Soft cover,256pp

About this author

Mariana Esterhuizen

Mariana Esterhuizen is one of South Africa’s best known food personalities, with an award-winning restaurant in Stanford in the Western Cape....