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Donderslag (ePub) | Fiction

Wilbur Smith


When Sean Courtney, the hero of Witwatersrand, returns from a long hunting expedition, he encounters the violence of the Anglo-Boer War, his brother Garrick’s jealous hatred, a next generation of Courtneys and – above all – Ruth Friedman.

Ruth knocks him off his feet. She’s feisty, beautiful and . . . another man’s wife. What’s more, Sean becomes her husband’s bosom buddy and protector during the war!

Destiny takes Sean from hope to despair; from glory to devastation. Through every challenge his self-confidence, his strength and his iron will carries him.
With a few perfectly placed characters Wilbur Smith masterfully takes the reader into the thick of the Anglo-Boer War’s action, from famous battles to smaller fights. Against the background of this great struggle between nations, Sean faces a personal struggle for survival, to build a future for him and his loved ones and to find happiness with the woman he adores.

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Donderslag (ePub) | Fiction

Author: Wilbur Smith
Category: Fiction
ISBN: 9780795707551
Date Released: 15 November 2015
Price (incl. VAT): R 300.00
Format: Soft cover,352pp

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