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Slaap, Doringrosie, slaap! | Children & Youth

Neil Price (illust.), Steve Smallman

Human & Rousseau

Learn the importance of rest in this hilarious story all about sleep. In Get Some Rest, Sleeping Beauty! Aurora never wants to go to sleep, staying up as late as she can playing. This makes Aurora super grumpy. When a spell sends her to sleep for 100 years, everything changes. When she finally awakes, she's no longer the stroppy, sleepy princess she used to be.

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Slaap, Doringrosie, slaap! | Children & Youth

Author: Neil Price (illust.), Steve Smallman
Category: Children & Youth
ISBN: 9780798171649
Date Released: 16 November 2015
Price (incl. VAT): R 85.00
Format: Soft cover,24pp

About this author

Neil Price (illust.), Steve Smallman

After graduating from University College Falmouth with an Illustration BA(hons) Neil Price became a freelance illustrator, complete with fiancée and guinea pigs...