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Omega, oor en uit (ePub) | Biography

Francois Verster


From his first day as a national serviceman, Francois Verster’s rebellious streak landed him in trouble. His descriptions of basic training and life on Omega, where he was sent to teach, are hilarious. A second, more serious storyline tells of his experiences in the present as an archivist who has to deal with affirmative action.

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Omega, oor en uit (ePub) | Biography

Author: Francois Verster
Category: Biography
ISBN: 9780624072621
Date Released: 16 February 2016
Price (incl. VAT): R 230.00
Format: Soft cover,252pp

About this author

Francois Verster

Francois Verster is an archivist and writer. For the last decade he has also worked as a freelance journalist, writing reviews and columns for various...