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Happiness is a Four-Letter Word | General Fiction

Cynthia Jele


Winner in the Film Category of the 2011 M-Net Literary Awards.
Winner of the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize 2011: Best First Book, Africa region.

Four friends’ lives seem to be crashing before them: Just as Nandi’s final wedding arrangements are put in place, her ex-fiancé, a man who bankrupted her heart and bank account, makes a re-appearance. Zaza, the “trophy wife”, waits for the day that her affair comes to light and her husband gives her a one-way ticket back to the township. A stranger shows up at Tumi's doorstep, claiming to be pregnant with her husband’s child... and Princess, a feisty feminist, meets Theo, a Zimbabwean painter who seems to push all the right buttons. When she falls pregnant, however, Theo goes AWOL, with half her belongings. Think Sex and the City, Sandton . . . A re-edition of the 2010 prize-winning novel to coincide with the film starring Khanyi Mbau, Renate Stuurman and Mmabatho Montsho. Perfect for lovers of chick lit.

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Happiness is a Four-Letter Word | General Fiction

Author: Cynthia Jele
Category: General Fiction
ISBN: 9780795707766
Date Released: 05 February 2016
Price (incl. VAT): R 230.00
Format: Softcover, 256pp

About this author

Cynthia Jele

Nozizwe Cynthia Jele is a South African novelist. Her debut novel, Happiness is a Four-Letter Word (Kwela Books, 2010), has won numerous awards including the...