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Saartjie 3: Saartjie se geheim | Children's Fiction

Bettie Naudé

Human & Rousseau

Saartjie’s mischief gets her into trouble once again. A couple of boys are ready to steal fruit when a frightening ghost suddenly appears out of nowhere. And then there is the issue of our heroine’s secret – something that is driving her friends as well as the boys in her life up the wall.

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Saartjie 3: Saartjie se geheim | Children's Fiction

Author: Bettie Naudé
Category: Children's Fiction
ISBN: 9780798147248
Date Released: 02 October 2006
Price (incl. VAT): R 115.00
Format: Soft Cover

About this author

Bettie Naudé

Bettie Naudé's character Saartjie has been popular among young Afrikaans readers for a long time. Naudé is the pseudonym of Topsy Smith, one of the most...