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Author Focus


Shéri Brynard

Biographical info

Shéri is the only person with Down syndrome in the world who holds a tertiary teacher’s diploma. She is an international ambassador for people with Down...


Latest Releases

Vaselinetjie (2017) | Young Adult Fiction

Anoeschka von Meck

She is Helena Bosman and she lives with her Oupa and Oumie in the Northern Cape. She is their little Vaselinetjie. But everything changes when the Welfare sends...


Hoezit, Antie? Vrikkie hier | Short Stories & Fiction Anthologies

Deon Visser
Human & Rousseau

Vrikkie Visser, a fictitious character created by Deon Visser, stole the hearts of South  Africans with his letters addressed to his “Antie” in ​Volksblad ​and...

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