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Helena Hugo
Biographical info

Helena Hugo has, amongst other things, achieved success as actress, drama lecturer and publisher. She has 52 publications to her name. She's been writing Christian fiction since 2013: Haar naam is Ragel (2013) - Lux Verbi/Tafelberg followed by Marta and Ter wille van Talita (2014).

She is married to Henk and they have three children. She and her husband lives in Roodepoort.

The following titles by Helena appeared at Tafelberg:
Soete verleiding (2010)
Narkose van die hart (2011)
Romanse agter die skerms (2011)
Troukoors (2011)
Veldpad van verlange (2011)
Liefde met gevoel (2012)

Lux Verbi titles are:
Ragel (2013)
Martha (2014)
Ter wille van Talita (2014)
Haar ma se kind (2015)
Mispa (2016)
Elim (2017)

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