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Johan Bakkes
Biographical info

Casparus Johan Bakkes was born on 21 October 1956 in Stellenbosch. He grew up in Saldanha Bay on the West Coast where his love for adventure, travel and nature was nurtured. He matriculated at Afrikaans Hoër Seunskool in Pretoria and decided to become a chartered accountant and auditor. He also worked at Unisa, and is currently a professor in management accounting at the University of the Western Cape. He lives in Paarl.

He is the son of the writer Margaret Bakkes and historian Cas Bakkes. The author Christiaan Bakkes is his brother.

Three collections about his many travels and extraordinary experiences have been published: Moer toe die vreemde in, Nou’s ons in ons donner in and Norrevøk.

Look through Johan's photo albums of his travels 1 | 2 | 3 .

Did you know?

· Johan received the much sought after Mondi award in 2006 for his article that was published in Insig, “Hel Toe”, about his journey to the furthermost point on the African continent, which made him the winner in the travel, sport and recreational category.
· He also owns a safari business, Induku, and he often travels into Africa with his 4x4, both as logistic organiser and as participant in several expeditions.
· His third collection, Norrevøk, was named after a small Russian town (30 ºW27 º N; 17 º W21º N).
· It is his dream to get on every train in the world. He has been on the trans-Sahara train and recently on the trans-Siberian train.

Author bookshelf

Oepse Daisy, Human & Rousseau (2011)
Samoe(r)sa reis
, Human & Rousseau (2010)
, Human & Rousseau (2008)
To Hell and Gone, Human & Rousseau (2008)
Nou’s ons in ons donner in, Human & Rousseau (2006)
Moer toe die vreemde in, Human & Rousseau (2001)

List of titles

2011 Oepse Daisy
2010 Samoe(r)sa reis
2008 Norrevøk
2006 Nou’s ons in ons donner in
2001 Moer toe die vreemde in


2008 To Hell and Gone – Translated by Elsa Silke

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