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Adeline Radloff
Biographical info

Adeline Radloff enjoyed a misspent youth, working and travelling through more than 25 different countries. Somewhere along the line she picked up a law degree as well as an MA in English Literature, and has worked as a cinema operative, a beauty consultant, a legal aid assistant, a waiter, a perfume salesperson, a bartender, a freelance journalist, a breakfast chef, a candidate attorney, a language specialist, a housewife, a barista, an EFL teacher, and an academic development tutor.

It was with some relief that she finally settled into the roles of mother, teacher and writer.

In 2009 she won the Sanlam Prize for Youth Literature for her debut novel, Sidekick. In 2012 her next novel, Een Stad, Drie Rooikoppe, Sewe Dae, which she wrote together with her sister, Lili Radloff.

She lives in Cape Town with her husband and daughters. 

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